Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Major FIND for any and ALL expectant parents on a BUDGET and possibly overwhelmed with trying to create the nursery they'd love to have for their little bundle of joy to come home to.. without spending a fortune. I thought I had some good ideas to save money.. second hand things refurbished, painting things, being artsy or trying to be :) Buuuut upon looking at TONS of pictures I became very sad because I knew what I wanted for our little one's room, but there was NO way we could afford the price tags. I imagined all kinds of mismatched pieces thrown together that we just hoped would work.. and then realized it didn't in the end. I also imagined registering for the cribset and matching decor from the baby superstore that we liked more than the others, and all of our friends and family getting together to buy those types of things for us, leaving the many smaller items on the registry for us to buy. Not that I don't expect to buy SOME things on our own- I know we will! But the little things add up very very quickly.
SO what if we were to save money on the decor by designing and putting the major nursery items together on our own, and leave the registry open for things like the carseat, pacifiers, and wipes?
I give you the greatest online find I've had in a long, long time.

Creative Baby Nursery Rooms

and a link I found on the previous site is here:

Cheap Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

The first link is a website FULL of amazing nurseries that people designed and put together themselves that are INCREDIBLE. I like them more than the ones I see set up at the baby superstores! Seriously a m a z i n g.
And: LOW COST.. which brings me to the second link!
This one is an Ebook that I downloaded for $6.95 that has 60 or more ideas on how to save money and still have an awesome nursery. These are really GREAT ideas, and I also received 2 other Ebooks. One was a Baby Nursery Safety Checklist to go through to make sure the nursery is baby ready in every way. The second was additional creative ideas for the nursery.
Very cool, highly recommended, and worth every last penny.

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