Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnancy brings so much change. A baby brings so much change.. but even before this child takes their first breath, my life is changing all around me.

Today I want to share
some little, somewhat humorous things that I've noticed changing.
  • Almost everyone I come in contact with no longer asks me "how are you?" but they add one little word to the end.. feeling. How are you feeling, [insert pet name that for the most part I wasn't called by them before such as sweetie, darling, honey, etc]?
    So.. when you become pregnant, you are suddenly endeared by all with these terms of endearment. I like men, because unless they are family, they do not ask about how I am feeling.. and they only call me Marsha.. it makes me feel like a "normal" person again :) Strangely enough, the first few weeks of being asked this question were fun.. as it reminded me that I was carrying a life and not a parasite that sucks up any nutrients I manage to get passed my super-smeller of a nose and passed my mouth which refused anything that wasn't dry and salty. So glad that is over :) Hello 2nd trimester! well.. 5 more days, and I'll be there ;)
  • Brian and I went to the chiropractor today. In my normal appointment, which is every 2 weeks.. He adjusts my neck and spine and if anything random is bothering me, he'll fix that too.. like my jaw today :( He had to use "the puncher." It is this tiny little device that when he presses the button, feels like a tiny person came up and punched me in the face with their fist that packs the punch of a not so tiny person. Anyway.. now they are monitoring my weight and blood pressure.. totally throws me off. haha.
  • After the chiropractor, we went to the library. After checking for a learn to knit class.. I went to find a prenatal workout video. Here's what I came home with..

  • Mashed potatoes are a thing of the past. Do not even show me a picture of them :(
  • I liked oreos before, but it seems I have grown an emotional attachment to them now.. as I cry if we run out when they seem as important as air and prenatal vitamins.
  • I have the appetite of a 14 year old boy.. minus their craving for lots of meat and mashed potatoes.. (not to the point of overeating for those of you concerned for my after-baby body.. lol)
  • I'm drinking milk daily.. and liking it.
  • Upon requesting to go fishing with my dad in PA this summer.. he refused and said I would be, "big and fat by then.." Very true.. he would have to do all the reeling in of anything I stare at forEVER. That would be NO fun. Nor would be a 2 hour drive to the hospital if I went into labor.
  • I have nightmares of going to places like Cedar Point over the summer and walking around huge and sweaty and miserable as everyone else goes on all the rollercoasters. Of course there are no lines in my dream either, so they get to ride them all in one day while I sit on the sidelines and eat container after container of dip-n-dots trying to keep cool. I guess the dip-n-dots thing isn't so bad ;)
  • Every once in awhile now, I'll feel a little twirl in my belly as our little sweetie does somersaults.. and it is *bliss* At least someone gets to flip around and upside down this summer while I sit and eat my dip-n-dots...
  • Almost every night, around 11 or 11:30, whatever emotion I happen to be feeling at that time, be it even the slightest of sadness, or one joyful thing.. or pretty much anything I'm thinking about in that moment becomes escalated 100 times and I cry uncontrollably. Without fail, it ends in laughter as I laugh at how ridiculous it is that I am crying about _______. Brian has learned to laugh too, but not too much or I feel like he's laughing at me, and I lose it again.. just to start laughing at myself again for crying over such a silly thing.
  • The following shows have brought me to tears in the last month: the morning news, curious george, a baby story (from the theme song until the show was over..), what not to wear, home improvement,.. and I know there are more, but I can't seem to remember them due to a little "friend" I like to call PreggoBrain. She causes the following moments:
~The strap on the laptop charger fell one day and was dangling on the couch. I jumped, and thought without looking over, "Oh, it's just the silly kitty." [We do not have a cat]
~Upon losing my phone for the ump-teenth time, Brian called it with his phone and we followed the noise.. to the top rack of the dishwasher?! I still do not know how it ended up there. Good thing I didn't run it yet!
~I put our rental payment in the OUTGOING US MAIL slot instead of the RENTAL PAYMENTS slot in our apartment building.. after the post office was closed. I ended up writing another check and putting it in the RIGHT slot and waiting for the mailman the following morning to retrieve it for me. He laughed at me before assuring me that I was not the first one to have done this.
~My parent's huge german shepherd tried to go in the front door of the house full of dirt and snow, so I made him stay outside. By the time I walked to the back room of the house, he was sitting on the deck. I asked how on earth he got there in all honest confusion before realizing that he simply walked outside to the back of the house..
During week 10 of pregnancy (last week) the baby begins to grow hair. I'm convinced he or she is taking after both mommy and daddy and growing some nice BLONDE roots..


  1. Marsha, your blog always makes me laugh I especially like the part about the phone in the dishwashwer. Ha, it made me laugh.

    p.s. It's Kacie

  2. Hey Beauty,
    I'm glad you're starting to feel better...spring is just around the corner...we can believe together : ) lol as soon as my toes are wiggling free in flip flops i will call you and we can rejoice together : )
    funny how people only ask 'how you're feeling' now huh? i noticed that too.
    i love much

  3. Marsha... there's a surprise for you on my blog... you have to read the most recent post until the end :)