Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely readers!! :)

Brian and I celebrated the day of love by enjoying dessert at one of our favourite italian restaurants last night. We haven't been there for a couple years, and we enjoyed talking about all the Lord has done in our lives and in our relationship from that time to now. It was sweet. We also enjoyed a hot caramel apple impanada with ice cream and a non-alcoholic pina colada :) YUM!

Today was difficult, as I was really missing my sister. I paid a visit to her gravesite after church. The snow was about a foot high and my bare feet nestled inside my little brown flats decided it was a better idea to simply throw a snowball at her instead of walking through the snow. I'm sure when my time comes, I will be greeted with a giant snowball.. but at least then frostbite will be a thing of the past :)

Today we were blessed as we visited with her 2 little girls that are growing up so quickly, and my brother-inlaw and his wife, Mindy. The ladies all got haircuts and I received a glorious back massage from my "almost" 11 year old neice, Jessica. These ones have a large CHUNK of my heart.

Tomorrow we have another BABY APPOINTMENT!
Ultrasound update soon! :)

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