Saturday, March 6, 2010

I haven't posted for awhile. SO I suppose it is time to..
every time I think about posting something lately I just think I don't really have anything to post. But since I haven't tried just typing and seeing what happens, I guess that's what I'll do!

My belly has officially popped, and it is just a matter of time before my belly button joins in on the popping action.

Question! Do you think it is "unclassy" or "unprofessional" if you can see a pregnant lady's belly button poking out through her shirt? I mean.. I'm going to be extra large and extra pokey during the summer months, so wearing thicker clothes is out of the picture. I'm kind of wondering if they make.. like.. belly button pads to give it a smoother look? LOL the things I think about these days...

Other things on my mind...
I really like cutting hair, and have been doing so more often :) It's nice to be getting into it again. Now to just get my license back so I can be legit!
(My license expired after I came back from a year in Minnesota when I could not find my username and password needed to renew it.. and so now I have to retest 3 hours away from where I live.) :P Maybe after baby sometime? The test is LONG and there is only one restroom break.. sooo it will HAVE to be after baby!

In 9 days we will be hearing the heartbeat for the first time :) We have seen it beating on the ultrasound, but we have not actually HEARD it. So that will be fun. THEN our next appointment will reveal the biggest mystery of all :) Girl or Boy?! This will be fun also!
I find it kind of humorous that when people ask me if we are going to "find out" and I tell them we are.. they say, "You don't want it to be a surprise?"
I think it's going to be a surprise whether we find out now or later- I'll be surprised. It's almost like saying if you find out ahead of time, it's like choosing the sex and taking the surprise out of it.. buuut it is definitely going to be surprising either way :)
Just another thing I think about.. haha.

I've always said that I would not learn to knit until I was pregnant. I think it was because it was a good excuse to not have to learn any more crafts that my mom and sisters loved to do so much! So then, being pregnant.. I had no excuse anymore. Then my dear, wise mother reminded me that knitting takes a looong time to actually make anything, let alone a blanket and can be frustrating if you want real results without spending hours at a time on it. I was also kindly reminded that I barely have the patience to put together a puzzle that has more than 100 pieces. She was right. So she taught be to crochet instead. I really like it.. for a little while anyway. It usually lasts for a good half hour, so I'd say I like it more than most crafts.
Then again, I often think it will end up being our baby's first birthday present ;)

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  1. : ) hi.
    1. don't worry about your belly's not 'unclassy'. i promise.
    2. give yourself a few weeks and the potty break thing won't be an issue : ) i promise this too.
    3. so excited for you to hear the's really comforting
    4. i love you : )