Saturday, December 26, 2009

OH, oh oh I am SO excited to give a real SOLID update on this weekend's "1st Christmas together" adventures and memories.. but for now, an update about my previous post, and about a life-changing meeting I had last week.

The doctor I was afraid to go see, I now have sosoSO much peace about. Last week, I went to meet with my Mary Kay director and dear friend at her home to talk about life and seek out some wisdom, advice, and direction. I've had a very blunt realization that in the economy we live in right now, in order to raise a family with neither of the parents being famous or makin the "big bucks" you need 2 incomes (at least) just to get by. I'm pregnant with our first child, and I do not want to take him or her (or them.. twins runs in the family on BOTH sides, and I am showing a bit early..) to daycare. I do not want someone else being with our child(ren) day in and day out while I'm working all day and come home to them in time to feed them dinner, give them a bath, and send them to bed. I know that this is the REALITY in America, and I am in NO way downplaying the fact of the matter that most families feel as if they have no other choice. They are doing what needs to be done in order to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. They are taking care of their families in the best way they possibly can. Many are running on 2 incomes and barely scraping by. I understand this, and I do not at all look down on anyone for doing whatever it is they need to do to take care of their families the best way they know how. I'm doing the same thing.
I've been given an opportunity, I believe it is from the Lord, and I'm going to run with it. It gives me the opportunity to make as much as I want- set my own hours. It allows me (and encourages me) to put God before anything else in my life. Then my family, and to have a career that works around our lives, not the other way around. This opportunity allows me to be a stay-at-home mom, and still be able to save up some money to put the kids through college. This is an opportunity I am NOT willing to give up on. I may have piddle paddled around with it before, I may have fallen down in disbelief or felt like giving up or been too afraid of failure to keep going, but I am NOT going to let fear of man stand in the way of the plans the Lord has- not only for myself, but for our family; and not only for our family, but for all the families we'll be able to reach out to when they are struggling as we have struggled.

This, my friends, is an opportunity I cannot, and will not pass up. I'm going to give it my all until I'm all run out, and then I'm going to get up and do it again.
Please hold me accountable to this.
If you want more information on this opportunity, send me your contact information. I enjoy running buddies :)

Anywho! About my visit with Marla.. my lovely director! I was telling her about this doctor's visit and how I was nervous because I hadn't met the doctor and didn't have any reviews or anything on him. She then tells me that her housekeeper works in an OB office and told me that I should ask her about him, and find out if she maybe knows him. So when she came downstairs, we were introduced. I told her of my concerns and she asked me what the doctor's name was. I told her. Her face literally LIT up! She said, "Yeah, I know him! I work in the same office." She continued to tell me as she tilted her head down a bit and lowered her voice still smiling, "I gotta warn you, He's a little nerdy... and slightly on the awkward side." After hearing my giggle, with a little nervousness still evident in my voice, she then told me that she has been working with him for a long time now, and has really grown to "respect the man" as she put it. Then, like music to my ears she said, "Let me put it this way: I would send my daughter to him because I truly trust him."

Talk about a DIVINE appointment! I feel sooo much better!
Marla let me know that if that was the only thing I got out of my time there, then it was time well spent. She was so right as I now had so much peace about this appointment. I also found out that he delivers at the hospital where one of my very good friends is interning/working.

As our meeting continued, I was greatly inspired, and took in some very much needed constructive criticism as well as encouragement. I love that she is willing to tell it to me like it is in order to help me succeed. I REALLY truly needed it especially that day. I am forever thankful for her persistance with me. It makes the world of difference for this business I am determined to grow right alongside my growing baby-belly.

I'm stoked for the fact that with this business, my maternity leave never has to end. I can stay home with our kids. If they're sick, I'll be there. If they say their first words at 1 in the afternoon, I'll be there. I'll be at every game, competition, concert, show, and anything else they choose to be a part of. I'll be there, because of this opportunity. I am forever thankful for the memories I'll be able to post on this blog because of the opportunity I've been given to stay home and raise our children.

What a wonderful Christmas gift this year, to know that the unknown isn't as scary as I thought.
Peace has come over me. The Prince of Peace has captured my heart yet again.

I am forever grateful.

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