Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Beginning. I guess I'll begin with my favourite beginnings!
I like to start my days with breakfast, so I suppos
e I'll start my this first blog post in the same way.
My favourite breakfast would be when my wonderful hubby makes pancakes. Or as I like to call them: "Panacoo-kins"
This morning, Brian left for work and I decided I wanted pancakes. SO despite many failed attempts in the past, I gave it another shot. The results, were slightly better than normal, but still not even close to the splendorious panacoo-kins my hubby whips up with ease.

Brian's pancakes.. well I unfortunately cannot find the picture I thought I had of his lovely skills.

But, here's an update of the progress of me becoming a Panacoo-kin GURU. I wasn't going for dove-shaped, whale-shaped or football-shaped, just to clear things up. It's a work in progress :)

Eh, there's not many things that cannot be fixed with a little powdered sugar, extra cinnamon, and a tall mug filled with cinnamon/pum
pkin spice goodness with a hint of hazelnut, especially at Christmastime. YUM:)

Another favourite beginning of mine: BABIES!

My nephew, Jakob Bradley :) Born 11.30.09

Speaking of babies, here's the first posting ever of my "bump" ... I must say, I am apprehensive to post this.. :/ it just looks like i'm eatin too many cookies at this point! :P But, nonetheless.. here I am at 14 weeks- which is our best guess as to how far along we are! ..the thing is, we haven't been to the doctor yet :/ to which my friend Lauren is still mad at me for, as she's a nursing student and knows more than I do about how bad it is to have not been to the doctor yet. The other thing: haha.. I haven't taken a pregnancy test in weeks. We decided to stop spending money on them. We believe we hear from the Lord clearly, and so we believe I'm pregnant with a honeymoon baby because of many accounts of hearing from the Lord great confirmations. So, if (as many suspect) we are wrong, it would be just that. WE would be the ones who were wrong, not the Lord our GOD. For He never changes. If we're wrong- it is a problem with our spiritual ears, not a problem with the God of Israel, whom speaks clearly. It's the listeners who make the mistakes. Oh, not to mention I would feel embarrassed for posting my chub.. lol. Let's just say a girl must be awefully confident that she's expecting to post her slowly but surely protruding belly :) This week, I've been feeling things beginning to stretch, and my organs are slowly, and awkwardly moving to make room for baby! :)

*The moral of the story*
~A round baby bump is easier to achieve than a round pancake~


  1. YAY, YAY! I loveeeeeeeeeee it :)
    Oh you and your PANCAKES!
    <3 Follow me on my blog now... and I will send others your way!!

  2. Marsha! I love this post! Congratulations on your baby!! And for the record, the pancakes look like they tasted delicious :) I'm glad you are doing well! Blessings to you, and merry Christmas (I'm a little early I know but your song got me into it!)