Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Font! Mostly because "Trebuchet" sounds so fancy. I imagine Julia Child saying it so gracefully. And no, I'm not going to blog about her or cook my way through her cookbook- though that did make one mostly good movie :)

I'm here to update you on the newest memories.

Our first Christmas as a married couple!

Early in the week, I had a meltdown as I looked at our undecorated Christmas tree and realized that we had plans every night up to Christmas day and were not going to have time to decorate it together and watch Charlie Brown Christmas and drink hot cocoa. I cried. No, I wept. It was mostly ridiculous and unneccessary but at the time was so important and I was so genuinely upset. My wonderful husband reassured me that if anything, we can do all of that Christmas morning. We didn't really have any other plans for the morning, anyway. A couple more sniffles and I was fine again. Gotta love a patient hubby! :)

There were fun family gatherings and a couple with friends as well. And then: Christmas day. I wake up to Brian excitedly waking me up at 6 AM saying, "It's Christmas! Time to get up!!"

Apparently things were done a little differently at his house growing up.

When I was little, my sisters and I would get up in the wee hours of morning and SIT at the top of the stairs. My parents had a sheet that they would hang from the top of the staircase so that we could not see into the living room where the tree and presents were. And we knew that we could not go past that sheet until they told us we could. So we would sit there for hours every year. Once we got a little older, we realized we couldn't go downstairs until later anyway, and started to enjoy the couple extra hours of sleep as my parents did.

So, as Brian is waking me up and trying to convince me that getting up is a good idea, I'm trying to come up with something to get a couple more hours of sleep.

And then, somehow at 6 AM my brain worked and so did my mouth and I said, "I have an idea, honey! Why don't you go watch A Christmas Story, and wake me up when it's over."

And just like that, I went back to dreamland and my anxious husband was joyfully sitting on the couch watching the "classic" I had previously confessed to not liking that much as he informed me that it was the movie he just had to watch at least once every year. I had been trying to figure out a good time for him to watch it when I would be conveniently busy with something else. Success.. and it was only 6 in the morning :)

He must've enjoyed it twice, because I woke up around 10. It's probably the last year I will be able to sleep in on Christmas morning for many, many years with the little one on the way! So I'm glad I did :)

Then, we decorated the tree and watched a Charlie Brown Christmas and drank hot cocoa :) We finished wrapping the gifts, and hurried over to Anji's. (my wonderful Sister-in-law :) It was very strange as Brian's parents had come down with the flu early in the morning and were not able to come. So we waited and had "Christmas" again on Sunday. After Anji's we drove out to my parent's house and stayed for the weekend. It was a really nice, and was little Jakob's first Christmas. It was also a little different on my side, as there were some family members missing as well.
Every year it is difficult to feel like you still have another gift to buy, another plate to set on the table. This was the 5th Christmas without my sister. Along with her unborn baby, she went to be with Jesus in March of 2005, and life has been so different without her. Her husband, his wife Mindy, and my nieces had gone to visit some other family, and were also not able to be there. We did get to celebrate with them at another time, though. :) I miss my sister, dearly, but I know her Christmas must have been incredible as she was with HIM for every moment!

Our 1st Doctor's appointment for the bun in the oven!
We found out that we're actually only about 6 weeks along! We are very excited, and are looking forward to the next appointment on January 19th. We've decided to stay with this doctor, and deliver at the new hospital in the area. Oh, and our due date is probably going to be very close to our 1st Anniversary! I'm hoping it'll be the week before or the week after, though ;)
My posts are most likely going to be less often than they've been in the past, because morning sickness comes to visit, and comes to visit often.
I've been sick almost 24/7 since Thursday. At first it was just for a couple hours in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.. but the last few days it has been an all day thing :/
Today, however I'm feeling SO much better.. at least so far! Thus why I am here.. updating the blog. I'm still really sore, and I'm not ready to eat pizza yet (though I crave it!) but I'm nowhere near as nauseous as I have been :)

I leave you with this:

our first tree topper :)

It was going to be a star, then a heart, then a cross, but apparently it takes alot of patience to make any of those things with curling ribbon and plastic ornaments. So, we plopped the strung ornaments on top of the tree, tied a piece of garland to it, and VOILA.
..Maybe we'll invest in a better one next year ;)


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  2. So I commented on the wrong spot haha. My parents used to make us do that too-the sitting at the top of the stairs. They didn't go so far to put up the sheet. My dad would keep an eye on us. We had to wait until everyone was up and my grandparents came over. Our tree was like downstairs and around the corner so we didn't have a direct view of it.