Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm starting to wonder if it is "motherly instinct" to slowly but surely become nocturnal throughout pregnancy. It's as if by the end of the pregnancy I will be SO ready for those nighttime feedings, as I'll be wide awake at nighttime, and sleepy during the day.

More like by the end of this month I'll be ready for it! I'm now sleeping from the late hours of night or early morning to mid afternoon. If I get to bed early.. or at a "normal" time.. and force myself out of bed at a "normal" time, well I need a nap by noon. :/

SO I thought maybe a different attempt to my eating schedule might help:

Today, I attempted to begin my new "small meals every 3 hours" vs my normal "3 main meals plus snacking" It was harder than I expected. The thing is, when I finish my "small meal" I'm still hungry and do not want to wait a couple hours for my next "small meal".. so I pretty much still had my meals and snacking as normal. I guess it's a work in progress :/
Has anyone else tried converting to this type of eating sched.? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) I'm lost as to how this will work for me. I guess it's just something I'll get used to once I've successfully done it a few days in a row. Maybe I won't hunger for the full meal once my body knows I'll be eating again in a little while.. we'll see how that goes.

Tonight, I made breakfast-dinner for Brian :) YUM.

Unfortunately, my pancakes were worse than the last attempt. Brian came in the kitchen, pointed to the pan with my "pancake" in it, and asked, "What's that?" in all seriousness.
UGH! "It's a PANCAKE!!" I exclaimed, slightly hurt and slightly amused that he didn't even know what it was supposed to be. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or laugh, and I'm thankful that the laughter won that battle. He was very apologetic, and did eat my creation.. which was the only "pancake" that was actually edible this time :( but one is better than none :)
This is the one that he saw in the pan.. and the one he ate.
As for the others.. well SEE for yourself :(

I must say, I'm slightly apprehensive and embarrassed to post these :/

I'm sure Brian was glad that I also made breakfast burritos that were very yummy, so he didn't go hungry.

Next time I'll just let him make the panacoo-kins, since his are... e d i b l e

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