Thursday, December 17, 2009

Readers! I have a D I L E M M A!!! (it's a feminine topic, so use your discretion if you really want to continue reading this post. Men, you can't say I didn't warn you!)

Ok. I have had no prenatal care, and we're calculating to be around 15 weeks along! The OBGYN of choice could not see me until February, and I have been put on a "list" today in case someone actually cancels their appointment, which doesn't happen because the next available appointment at this point probably isn't until summertime!
SO, I gave in and called a different doctor. Actually I called every doctor in the area for an appointment by the end of the year.
Only one could "squeeze" me in on the 29th, and..

He's a man. :/ I had a friend refer me to him awhile back, actually.. but I said no way, Jose because I wasn't comfortable with any man other than my husband touching anything. I know that it is strictly medical, and that there should be a female nurse in the room for accountability, and my husband will be there as well, so it's not like there's room for any scary business. BUT STILL I'm already nervous, and this doesn't seem to help.
I do NOT want to risk the health of my baby and wait any longer, but I'm sooo nervous :(

Any thoughts? What would you do?
Please, please PLEASE no Horror stories! I'm already freaking out :(


  1. Oh Marsha Moo-Moo!

    I featured you on my blog - hopefully more people will come & give you advice. I know how you are feeling :( I guess the only thing is that you HAVE to get in!!! That's really hard... are you taking any prenatal vitamins? We should talk soon - I know some inexpensive, amazing ones! Ps. I guess I would just get in with this doctor, for your first apt? Can you switch after that?

  2. Marsha did you try the women where missy went? Any of the ladies at Prime Health are all great. just a thought....Kiddo :-D