Saturday, August 6, 2011


Bekah put a piece of bread in her mouth,
took it out,
put it on her fork,
took it off the fork,
put it back in her mouth,
back on the fork,
back in her mouth,
back on the fork,
THEN finally pulled the fork to her mouth, bit the bread and got SO excited, she didn't even notice it fall out of her mouth!
She then proceeded to pretend to eat off her empty fork and did a little happy dance:
fork proudly in the air, both arms flailing wildly, big cheese grin and scrunched nose..

These are the moments I live for!

On the menu tonight: Mac n' cheese, sweet peas, and buttered bread :)

Prior to this eventful dinner, we played outside for awhile and I engulfed her in sunscreen. Her head was part of this, so her hair became a gooey mess :) After swimming and romping around in the grass and a snack, I put her down for her nap. You can imagine what her hair looked like after her 90-minute nap.. in case you can't, I shall add pictures to this post tonight. I only wish I had the camera rolling for her fork dance, but pictures of the peas n cheese covered face with the wild-woman hair will have to do! ...stay tuned!


  1. The first paragraph of this reminds me of the Old Spice man. Look at your food, now back to the fork, now back to the food, now back to the fork.

  2. bahahha I love the parody Sesame Street made of that! Check it out on YouTube!!