Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Church:

When we get to Heaven, what will we see?

Will there be one section for Lutherans, another for Baptists, another for Catholics, and yet another for every other denomination? Will there be some people worshipping in their own section because they were on one side of a debate within the faith about ______? While the others from the opposite side of the debate are in a different section?

What is worth debating? It is good to debate for the sake of Christ.
But PLEASE be very careful!
In the setting of a "debate" you are already known to be on two different sides of the discussion. Both parties are very knowledgeable of what they've chosen to believe and why they believe it. Both parties have great and believable reasons behind their beliefs.

Do not be disrespectful of the time and energy these individuals have put in to shape their beliefs. Everyone is searching for what it is that is truth. Many have been deceived. But the thing about deception is to be deceived means you BELIEVE a lie. One or both parties of a debate are deceived. Both think they are not the ones deceived. This by itself causes friction. If you are both believers, it is then causing friction within the body of Christ. If you are both legs and one tries to go one way and the other goes the other, what good is that? If you're not building up the body and seeking TRUTH together, what good is the conversation?

Instead of becoming full of pride and needing to be right, we need to humble ourselves and ask God for His truth to be made known. If we seek truth wholeheartedly, we will find truth. If you are not seeking truth but just to be right and to have enough "information" to be right, deceit will follow you. You may convince many that you are right, but in the end, the light of Truth will shine down like a spotlight on your deceitful ways.

I believe my Bible in context. I do my best to study my Bible in context. Looking up the direct translation of the Greek words in my Bible make for great studies and expand upon what the verses say and mean. I trust the scholars that had the tedious job of translating the original manuscripts into our languages so that we could have the Word of God. I read His Word in my own language and when I seek more understanding, I look up the Greek.

Do not expect people to know the Greek meanings in every scripture of the Bible! If you do have understanding from doing such studies, please SHARE what you've learned. Do not belittle people (especially other believers) if you believe they do not have as much knowledge on a certain topic.
If you disagree about a Scripture, duke it out with Christ, not each other. Seek truth on your own. Going back and forth over these things does not build up the body, but tears it apart.
If we ever want to find unity in the Body of Christ, we must let go of our pride and realize that:

"...the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men." -1 Corinthians 1:25

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